Yard Work

Dick has been putting a lot of time into the yard this week - and I love it. I'd planned on helping him (no, really, I did . . .) but he gets up early, while I'm still sleeping, and gets several hours in before the day turns too hot.

Lots of new plants, redwood bark,
fake boulders (a la Disneyland; just thinking about it makes me laugh) and worker ants. We found this guy at the Ventura Street Fair in July and he's been hard at work ever since.

I need to find a name for Ant-man. George? Henry? Clive? Nothing sounds right. Suggestions?

Today Dick and Gary broke out the Halloween decorations - just in time for tomorrow's predicted wind storm. It never fails - October = hot and windy. Leia gave her approval to the tombstones - but AJ is still miffed about this guy hogging her favorite sunning spot. Wonder if he'll last the week before she puts the bite on him.