Pumpkin Day

I love the fall - the colors, cooler temps, holidays, everything except the wind - especially the traditional hunt for the perfect Halloween pumpkin.
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Today we headed for the fall harvest festival at Underwood Farms for the first time; (the Colorado grandbaby visits her pumpkin farm here)
other than being very surprised at the $10 per person entrance fee, it was perfect. Lots of food booths staffed by volunteer organizations, our favorite Zydeco band, Acadiana;
Leia makes a run for it while we listen to Acadiana

a petting farm that including pony rides - a first for the fearless Leia - dirt trikes - which Naia loved - sunflowers, pumpkins, and more. We got there an hour after opening and parking was already out in the back 40. When we left 2 hours later, there were several thousand people inside the festival, with parking spread all over nearby fields.

Leia was full of herself, wanting to be down crawling on the ground (not going to happen!) but settling for moving at whim from grandparent to grandparent. At one point she practically jumped out of Grandma Kathy's arms, trying to get to the candy Naia received after her trike ride.
Leia didn't know what Naia had, but she knew it was food and she WANTED IT NOW. So funny to watch.

Family tradition (sounds better than 'rules') says that you must be able to carry whatever pumpkin you pick out, which saved us from this monster -
although Naia made a valiant attempt to get it out of the field - before setting her sights on something a little more modest. Marie looked over every.single.pumpkin before settling on this one; you can tell she already knew the rule tradition. All in all, a (hot, windy) perfect day.