Happy Halloween!

Ran over to see the baby grands' costumes before coming back to hand out treats tonight. Naia is a monster's bride -Miles is Spiderman - and Leia is the cutest pumpkin ever. We've been trying to get Leia to start walking but she's not having any of it; she's a fast crawler and can get anywhere she wants to be, so why do the 2-footed thing?

Stuck under the chair with her favorite ball.

Tonight she was fascinated by Naia's soccer ball, rolling it, catching it, carrying it. Carrying it seemed to be the important part. At one point, she picked up the ball but couldn't figure out how to start crawling without letting it go - so she took 6 or 7 steps with it in her hands. We were all so surprised, nobody thought to grab a camera. Next time!

Happy Halloween!

ETA: I **love** Marie's glittery lashes and her fashionable new hair-do.
Wonder if she'll keep it going after Halloween?