Travelin' On

Dick spent a couple of hours in the UFO museum in Roswell. He keeps trying to tell me that he's not a 'believer', he's just 'curious'. Riiiiiiiight.

We woke to light drizzle but the rain cleared up as we left Roswell, leaving overcast skies and cooler temps. When we stopped in Lincoln, home of Billy the Kid and the Lincoln County Wars, we thought we'd be there for maybe 30 minutes. It's a very small, historical town. Two hours later - after visiting a weaving/spinning shop and talking to a woman who turned out to be our next door neighbor's cousin (not kidding. Very small world.) and eating some excellent pecan pie at her brother's house while listening to the history of their home/restaurant built around 1886 by one of the principals in the Wars - we headed up into the mountains and the ski resort town of Ruidoso, where we're spending the night.

Tomorrow we head slightly south to the Three Rivers Petroglyphs, Valley of Fires lava beds, and (time permitting) an abandoned ghost town, before moving on - finally - to Albuquerque and ADDY time!

Dragonfly sculpture in Roswell