Small World

I'm still a bit in shock. You don't expect things like this, not in the real world. One of the students in my beginning crochet class tonight was my best friend from high school. I haven't seen her since her wedding in 1972, just before she moved to the east coast.

It started with a 'you look familiar', and then the usual 'where do you work', 'where did you go to school' and 'what was your name then.' My mouth dropped open when she told me her name. We did everything together back then; I knew her entire family, just like she knew mine.

It's weird how fate works. I've thought about her over the years, wondering where and how she was. When I joined Facebook a few months ago, she was one of the first people not already in my address book that I searched for. (Different married name + not on FB = fail.) Too funny that I'd meet up with her in a crochet class, of all places.

Something else that's weird? Talking to someone about boys and grades one day, and the next time you see them, you're talking about grand kids. Just . . . wow.