3-Hour Scarf

I was looking for something else in the stash tonight and this - practically jumped into my hands. So I broke out the little Knitter's Loom and started warping about 6:30. By 9:30 I had the scarf woven, felted and drying in the laundry room. I *love* rigid heddle weaving. This second set of scarves took a little longer to complete. I started them 2 weeks ago in a color and weave rigid heddle class at my LYS. The pink is yarn Lion Brand gave away at a crochet conference I attended; I've always called it 'pepto bismol' pink but a classmate was closer to the mark with 'Barbie' pink. It's LOUD. And I didn't exactly tone it down when I added sparkly white as the contrast color. These are obnoxiously cheerful scarves - and the little girls will love them. The longer one is for Naia, the shorter for Addison. I think they'll like having matching Princess scarves.

Leia come out to help me photograph the scarves and the first thing she did - of course - was find something to put in her mouth.
The child has excellent hand-mouth coordination.
It's yummy, grandma.