Touring Along

I started my next Tour de Fleece project yesterday and man oh man, is this stuff nice. This is BeeMiceElf's Falkland in the colorway 'Finale'. (*Voting info below . . . )I've never tried fiber from BeeMiceElf before (BeMySelf - get it?), but I guarantee this won't be my last purchase. I love both her beautiful colors and that she stocks different fibers, not just Merino, which I don't enjoy spinning.

The first 2 of the 4 ounces I bought is now lace-weight singles.
I'm planning to Navajo-ply this once it's all spun. Maybe tomorrow night?

With apologies for the crummy cellphone photo - AJ insisted on sitting on my lap tonight when I really wanted to spin. So after she got herself settled, I started spinning again - and she stayed put. Dick grabbed the first camera he could find, which unfortunately didn't have a flash. AJ doesn't do this very often, but when she wants on my lap, she wants on there NOW.

*If you are on Ravelry, and are so inclined, my buddy Ginny (dogmommy4) and I (epspins) would really appreciate your votes. Go here and look for the topic titled "Day 7 (or whatever day it is) - VOTE NOW". For Day 7, you can see/vote for Ginny here and for me here.

Vote by clicking the 'love' button at the bottom of each message. You can vote for as many people/pictures/favorites as you like. To change your vote, just re-click the 'love' button. The top 2 vote collectors each day win fibery PRIZES! Thanks!