More Than Just Spinning

While I've been spinning -
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this is All Spun Up's handpainted BFL (wonderful, super soft stuff!) that I won as a prize in the daily Tour De Fleece contest on Ravelry -

Dick has been doing a bit of woodworking. This is a redwood burl that he's been turning, off-and-on, for the past several weeks. When he started, he thought it was going to be a 'regular' bowl; then he found the burl shelf inside.
He's been gently working his way around it, trying to preserve the burl while shaping the rest of the wood. Today he added a bit of turquoise to some of the cracks. I can't wait to see how this one turns out.

Woven felted scarf #2 is also done. This is the same warp and weft as the first one but woven much more loosely and slightly less wide.
Still not exactly what I wanted but I'm enjoying experimenting. Next up: what happens when you felt a cotton and wool warp? Inquiring minds want to know.