Tour de Fleece

And we're off and running for another round of le Tour de Fleece which runs from Saturday, July 4 through Sunday, July 26. Dick and I don't watch many sporting events but we're both hooked on the Tour de France. (weird, I know.) We record the 3-hour version of the show every morning, then watch it in the late afternoon or early evening while I spin.

My goals for this year's Tour are to spin every day, to spin from stash (stash-busting is good, especially when the stash is as big as mine), and to find something to do with all the finished yarn I'm going to produce.
I got off to a slow start on Saturday due to all the holiday activities but I still managed to finish spinning the last of the Spinderella batt "Red Skies At Night" that's been in the stash since 2006.Tonight I Navajo-plied the singles, then got the yarn skeined and soaking. Counting the first two skeins I finished last week, I have 600+ yards of 3-ply yarn, probably a DK or light worsted weight. I'm thinking crocheted shawl for this? Or other suggestions??

Still in stash-busting mode, I started this 4-ounce roving that I bought several years ago (2006 or 2007 maybe?)
I think it's BFL but the label doesn't say and I don't remember. The colorway is "Emerald Isle". It's not my usual colors - it's much more Melinda's style than mine - but I like how the colors are blending in the singles. I'm spinning it very thin, aiming for a fingering-weight 3-ply yarn. I'm hoping to finish this tomorrow and move on to the stash-enhancers that will be arriving by mail on Tuesday. (you can see them here and here. Yeah, I know - I'm supposed to be busting the stash. . . . . )


Carol said...

Enjoyed the lovely photos and explanations. I knew nothing about spinning but learned some from this and the roving is beautiful, no wonder it is irresistable. If I had time and room for another hobby this would be it! Since I don't I will settle for watching yours. Thanks for allowing me to visit.