The youngest princess came for a visit today while her parents and PopPop went to see Dillinger. At 10 1/2 months, Leia is mobile and quick. Her favorite things at Grandma's house are trying to touch the kitty and climbing the stairs (with adults in hot pursuit.) Put the two together - chasing AJ as the poor cat tries to escape up to Gary's room - and Leia's in baby heaven.

Fascinated by the baby in the dishwasher.

Leia says dada and mama and loves to sing la-la-la with me. She has two cute, very sharp bottom teeth and loves food she can chew on. Pureed baby food? No, thank you. Rice, beans, or bread? She's all over it.

Leia initiates playing peek-a-boo by putting things in front of her face or over her head - Chris has an hilarious video of it on her phone - and belly-laughs when she sees you again.
She knows where my studio is and will come find me - from two rooms away - if I disappear for too long. Matt says she knows where her shoulder and tummy are, but he couldn't get her to show us tonight. Maybe she's saving that trick for tomorrow.

Such a joy to have happy, healthy, active babies in the house again.

Leia's fascinated by the bay window - where she's standing at the end of the video - because that's where AJ usually suns herself. Leia figured out that if she pulls the blanket that AJ lays on, AJ comes closer . . . and closer . . . until Leia can almost touch her. Such a clever little cookie.