le Tour - Day 3

A construction crew cut a fiber optic cable near our house this morning (oopsie!) so we've had no phone or Internet service all.day. Dick was very tired of my checking - and complaining - every 5 minutes or so for 13+ hours.

But lack of innernets did give me time for other things -
like working on the Pineapple Shawl, which is down to the last 2 rows. I don't think I needed to worry about it being too small. Now I'm afraid it will be too big once I get it blocked. AJ helped me stretch it out for the photo shoot. Silly cat loves having her picture taken.

Half the Emerald Isle roving is spun, with the rest ready to go tomorrow. The teal really tones down the lime green in the singles. I'm hoping to have this spun and plied by Thursday so I can take it to show my spinning group. Still not crazy about the colorway, but I'm glad to be busting the stash.

Ewwwww, lime green.
Does this color make my butt look big?

And lastly - 'Red Skies at Night',
3 skeins of handspun mohair, wool and glitz. D.O.N.E.