Life Outside Le Tour

Finished the Pineapple Shawl during the first hour of tour watching; it still needs to be blocked, which I plan to do either later tonight or tomorrow morning. Spun more of the mystery fiber, Emerald Isle, for the last hours of Team Time Trial. Lance Armstrong is truly amazing. He's 37, for heaven's sake, and still showing everyone on the pro bike tour how it's done. I have about a third of the original 4 ounces yet to spin. The colors are growing on me but I'm still ready to have it done and move on to something else.

As a slightly belated birthday present, Dick and I took Marie to see Spamalot tonight at the LA Music Center.
We had a picnic dinner on the terrace to start - sushi and wine coolers for them; sandwich from Corner Bakery and diet coke for me - while watching the dancing water fountain. I hadn't realized when I ordered the tickets that this was opening night, so we got a bit of high-energy bonus from the cast. The show was great, very funny in a way only Monty Python can do, and the theatre was packed. Definitely a must-see for musical theatre lovers.