Woven FO

Can't believe I forgot to post photos of the rayon chenille scarf I wove for Dick. I finished everything except taking out the waste yarn that was protecting the fringe before we left for Colorado a month ago and Dick has worn it several times. Warp (the long threads, including the fringe) is dark blue, light blue and white rayon chenille; weft (the sideways threads) is the same dark blue. I used a plain weave pattern and really packed in the weft so the fabric felt almost like cardboard when it came off the loom. A trip through the washing machine - gentle cycle, cold water, no detergent - and the dryer - low heat until it was very dry - softened it up amazingly. I love the fabric's drape and feel. So soft and silky. Too bad chenille is such a pain to work with. I don't see a lot of this in my future, at least until I become a more accomplished weaver. I think it's back to dishtowels and lots of practice for now.


Shorty said...

Absolutely gorgeous!

I was searching Ravelry for inspiration for my first "real" weaving project on my Baby Wolf, and up popped your scarf!

It's absolutely fabulous! Thanks so much for the inspiration.