New Look

And the (construction) beat goes on . . . Dick and Gary have been working on the master bedroom for the past few weeks. All the furniture is in the middle of the room, the carpet is gone (it was original to the house; good riddance!), the curtains are down and the windows are covered in aluminum foil (to keep out the aliens??) The back wall was covered in plastic drop cloths until today to keep the dust down. A necessary but not very attractive look; I'm glad to have it gone.

Gary's current job is peeling wallpaper.
A buddy told him that using a hairdryer speeds up the process and it looks like buddy was right. He's almost done with the bottom section; just some strips remaining near the ceiling that he needs to get down.
Dick started framing the new closet this morning. He'd made a lot of progress by the time I got back from running errands. At this rate, he'll have it finished before I get back from the weaving conference in Riverside on Sunday night. That just leaves painting, wallpapering, and flooring - piece of cake.