Scarf Pattern

Crocheted Noro Striped Scarf
aka Brooklyn Tweed Envy

By Elisa Purnell

Copyright March 2009

The story behind the scarf is here.

  • 2 colors of Noro Silk Garden, 2 skeins each (4 total). I used Color A: white multi – Color #269. Color B: blue-green multi – Color #264.
  • Size “H” crochet hook


  • Changing colors: there is no border on this scarf so both edges need to be neat and tidy, not an easy thing when you are changing colors every 2 rows and carrying the yarn not in use up the side edge. The cleanest method I’ve found is to twist the 2 yarns together just before you join your new/carried yarn in the last hdc of each row.

  • Foundation Single Crochet (Fsc): chain 2, insert hook in first chain of chain 2 (nearest your slip knot), *draw up loop (you'll have 2 loops on hook); draw through first loop (**ch 1 made - still 2 loops on hook); draw through remaining 2 loops. Fsc made. Insert hook in ch 1 of previous stitch, repeat from *.

  • Front-loop Slip Stitch (Fss): Slip stitch in front 2 loops of stitch indicated (rather then in traditional “V” on top of row – see photo)


Row 1: With Color A, foundation single crochet (fsc) 24

Row 2:

  • Ch 1, turn;
  • slip stitch loosely** in top of first fsc, (**You’ll need to work into this stitch on the next row; this is much easier if the slip stitch is worked loosely.)
  • hdc in next stitch,
  • *slip stitch in next stitch, hdc in next stitch,
  • repeat from * across, ending with hdc in beginning ch 2.

Row 3:

  • Ch 1, turn,
  • slip stitch loosely in top of first hdc,
  • hdc in next slip stitch,
  • *Front-loop Slip Stitch (Fss) in next hdc, hdc in next slip stitch,
  • repeat from * across, ending with hdc in last slip stitch.

Row 4 and 5: With Color B (See “Changing Colors” above), repeat Row 3

Row 6 and 7: With Color A (See “Changing Colors” above), Repeat Row 3

Repeat Rows 4 – 7 until scarf is as long as you want, ending with Row 5 or Row 7.

Next Row: Ch 1, turn, sc in each stitch across.

Last Row: Ch 1, turn, sc in each stitch across.

Fasten off; weave in ends. Wet finish, block lightly and enjoy!


Anonymous said...

Very cool, thanks for the pattern!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful, and even more stunnin in person!

Thank you for your class , it was wonderful!

Anonymous said...

I really like your pattern! Very pretty.

Mongoose said...

Oh, that's very pretty. Thanks.