Birthday Girl

Look who just turned 8! Naia celebrated her recent birthday with a party at Pump It Up. I'd heard of this place but had never been before today. What a blast for the under-10 set! Two warehouse-sized rooms full of jolly jumps, plus a party room for cake and ice cream after the kids had exhausted themselves. There was even an inflatable throne where Naia sat to open her presents. The kids all bounced and ran and jumped and laughed and had a boy-are-they-going-to-sleep-well-tonight good time. At first, Miles was afraid to come down the big slide (he's hiding behind the boy in the brown shirt), but once he did, he was off and running for the rest of the party.

Leia got passed around like a big party favor and loved the attention.
(Can you see the death-grip she has on Marie's necklace? I made sure to take the photo before I went to poor Marie's rescue. First things first.)

Naia had a great day, eating her cake and wearing it too.
Oh, to be 8 again.