Lazy Days

I love holiday weekends, even if I don't have to worry about going back to work when they're over. Breanne came up yesterday for lunch and to visit little Miss Leia, who's all of 2 weeks and 4 days old already. I forgot my camera - darn it - so no photos this time.

Dick and I've spent most of today reading, with Dick watching a movie - the new one with Vin Diesel - and some teevee, while I sorted the stash and put more of it up on Ravelry. I **love** Rav's organizational tools. There's no way I'd organize things on my own; I've tried various times and always give up in frustration.
For the last several months, I've been trying to work from my stash rather than buying new yarns. For that to work, I need to know what I have and where it is. I think I have most (three quarters?) of it listed and photographed now . . . over 300 yarns (including my handspun), 100 completed projects, and 144 books and magazines. Oh yeah, I definitely need to work from stash.