Mystery Fiber

One of my very favorite indie dyers found some 'mystery' yarn after she dyed a recent batch of fiber. She blogged it (here: scroll down to July 31) and I, half-jokingly, begged to buy it. It's shiny! It's purple! and - since Deb agreed to part with three skeins - It's mine!
It's 100% mohair - not part silk like we originally thought -
and about fingering weight.

The minute I saw it on Deb's blog, I knew it would make a fabulous shawl - but
which one?? I swatched the Eva's Shawl (here's the Rav link to 111 completed shawls) but the pattern was too contrasty with the yarn's color variations. Thought about the Zig-Zag Stole and the Green Crocheted Shawl, even bought the patterns, but they just weren't right either. Went through all the shawl, wrap, stole patterns on Ravelry. Twice. Nothing.

Until I saw this. I'd noticed the pattern in the recent Webs catalog, but the photo doesn't look nearly as gorgeous as Gigi's shawl. So this -
is the first third of the Crocus Bud Shawl. I'm thrilled with the pattern - super easy but not boring. It doesn't look like much now, but it will look a whole lot different once it's blocked. Can't wait to get this finished!!