Visiting the Great-Grands

We'd planned to take Addy to see Dick's parents during her visit but we added to the fun when we persuaded Matt and Chris to let us take one-week-old Leia - and brother Miles - on her first visit to the great-grands.

Except for one little blip*, everything went perfectly. Leia met Great-Grandpa, Great-Grandma
and Great-Aunt Vickie. Miles had met the great-grands before and was happy to visit again, especially when Great-Grandma agreed to play cars with him. Miles was such a sweetheart; he's usually a rough and tumble little boy, always on the go-go-go, but he instinctively knew to be very gentle when he climbed up on great-grandma's chair. We took along some puzzles for Miles - his second favorite toy, after his beloved cars - and books for Addy. Miles has never shown an interest in being read to, until today. When Addy climbed in my lap with a book, Miles snuggled up to my side. Addy wandered off a few minutes later but Miles stayed and insisted on re-reading the book at least 8 times. There was something about "5 little monkeys jumping on the bed" that just fascinated him.

*Addy's Rules:

  1. During waking hours, the grandma must be within arm's reach at all times.
  2. The grandma must do nothing that takes her attention away from the Addy-Baby. This includes bathroom breaks and photography.
  3. Grandma may hold other babies (Addy loves babies), provided there is still room on the lap for Addy.
  4. There are no acceptable substitutes for the grandma.
  5. Failure to follow these rules leads to this:
Sad, isn't it? Pop-Pop, Aunt Marie, Miles, and the great-grandparents were all there with her. But the grandma went missing for 30 seconds. Meltdown.