Crocus Bud Shawl

Remember the mystery fiber I got from Fearless Fibers a week or so ago? I finished crocheting the Crocus Bud Shawl (Rav link) on Sunday, then blocked it in sections over the last two days; it's much too long to do in one shot on my blocking board.

Today, I persuaded my two favorite models to help show it off. Addy was doing really well (doesn't she look like a little madonna? No, not the singer . . .)
until she discovered how much fun it was to stick her fingers through the holes in the lace.
Marie's not quite as cute (sorry, Marie) but she's a little more reliable. The shawl is about 18" wide and over seven feet long, almost two feet longer than its preblocked size. The kid mohair is incredibly soft and the fabric drapes beautifully. I love how the colors shimmer in the sunlight. The pattern is a one-row repeat, easy to do but not boring, and makes a gorgeous shawl. This is one of those garments that's going to be an absolute pleasure to wear.

Tech specs: Crocus Bud Crocheted Shawl, size "K" hook, approx. 660 yards of 100% kid mohair yarn from Fearless Fibers.