Some Good, Some Bad

Poor Oreo got her third (fourth?) bath today. She's such a sweetie; she sits there and doesn't fight me - except when I pour the rinse water over her back. Then all bets are off. She made it out of the bathtub today, for the first time, but took it pretty well when I plopped her back in again. Afterward, she sat in front of my chair, with her back turned to me, so I'd know exactly how annoyed she is. So cute.
I think I'm starting to loose the battle with Oreo's health. She's still yanking her fur out by the mouthful, and I think she's developing an allergic reaction to the baby food that's about all she can eat. Have call to the vet again tomorrow . . .

The good news . . . . 99% of my weaving and knitting yarns are now on Ravelry. Hooray!
I was so excited when I told Dick - who promptly popped my bubble by asking if that included the stack of bins in our bedroom. And of course it doesn't. Those are spinning fibers. Totally different thing. (I'm working on it, I'm working on it . . . )

Anyone know what yarn this is or who the indie dyer might be? I bought this sock yarn from a website, not eBay or Etsy, a couple of years ago; I know it's a fairly well-known yarn artist but I can't remember who and, of course, the tag is long gone. Help?


Woven Spun said...

Can't be sure, but that yarn colorway looks like something Susie would do over at To Knit, Perchance