Why I Love Hefty Bags

Tomorrow is my spinning guild meeting, so today was clean out the stash day. I have a bunch of fleeces (fleeci?) that I know I'll never spin. Most were purchased when I was really new to spinning - and they reflect the fact that I was more interested in a good price than a great fleece. All are spin-able, somebody tomorrow will want them, the guild will make money when they're raffled off, so it's all win-win.

You know that sick feeling you get when you open a sealed bin and see something moving? The good news is that my first moth infestation was in only one bin out of about 20. And the better news is that the sealed 2.5 gallon Hefty bag the fiber was in completely contained the moths. They'd obviously been in there awhile, judging by the, um, debris. And none of the other bags showed any sign of contamination. Yeah! And yes, I separated them out and will watch them closely, but it looks like I only lost the one thing. The bad news? It was about a pound of the most beautiful
black alpaca. But it could have been a lot, lot worse.

I {heart} Hefty bags!