Breaking In the Barbie

We invited everyone over for a pre-Father's Day bbq to inaugurate Dick's new grill and fireplace. This was the first time we've used the backyard since he remodeled it with brick pavers, a cement pad for the grill, and new lawn chairs.

John and Addy supervised lighting the burners. John is a master of the grill - his pork chops are wonderful - and gave Dick some tips.

This was also the first time Addy met Uncle Matt - and Matt's girlfriend, Chris, and her 6 year old daughter, Nai'a. Matt and Addy seemed to hit it off really well. Addy loves posing for the camera and is quite the little ham. It was great having most of the family all in one place. Matt and Rachel -
Gary and Dick - Marie is still in Colorado for her 2-week vacation; she'll be home tonight and back to work tomorrow.

Once it got dark, we lit the fireplace and sat around eating hamburgers and talking. Addy got comfortable on her 'daddy pillow' and conked out around 8, but woke up an hour later, bright eyed and ready to play.

I think we're going to get a lot of use out of the new backyard.

Outtake: Grandpa and Addy, reading together. Addy was fascinated with the book and had fun helping turn the pages.