Charity Blocks

I found samples of this daisy square out in blogland and fell in love with it. It's designed by Krochet Krystal who offers it as a free pattern - asking only that pattern recipients make one square and send it to her. She crochets the individual squares into afghans and donates them to charity.

I've had the pattern for a couple of months but haven't had time to make my square until this weekend. And because I feel slightly guilty about taking so long - and because I'm just slightly competitive - I made three squares to send Krystal.
I love these bright colors against the black background. Did you notice the cat tail in the photo? Oreo was sound asleep until she heard me turn on the camera, then she just had to get into the shot.

The pattern is a bit tricky and challenging enough to keep my interest through multiple squares. Even the back design looks neat and interesting.
I'm seriously thinking about making an afghan for us with the remaining yarn - I didn't put a dent in the skeins of Caron Simply Soft Brites that I purchased. Those 7 oz skeins have a lot of yardage!