Spinning And Weaving

Eleanor is finally up and running. I've had this wheel for almost a year and haven't done any spinning on her. I've tried several times, but something was always wrong - wrong drive band, broken spring, bouncing bobbin, something. I was seriously thinking of selling her but she's so beautiful with her cherry wood and purpleheart accents that I just couldn't bring myself to do it.

Last night, Susie set her up for Scotch tension rather than double drive and we were off and spinning. I forgot to bring fiber to spin night, but fortunately Melinda was willing to share her Merino top. So not only did I get Eleanor working, I spun from the fold for the first time. Piece of cake! A couple of people in our spin group were looking covetously at Eleanor when they thought she needed a new home. Looks like I'll be keeping her after all.

I bought a pre-cut warp scarf kit last October with plans to make it for the spinning and weaving conference in March. That didn't work out - but I got the kit out today, warped the loom,
and wove a 5" wide, 96" long scarf. Or maybe it will be two scarves - I definitely have enough yardage for more than one. I'll finish the ends and cut it off the loom later tonight. I'm hoping to wear it to a fiber blogger meet-up on Sunday.