Are You Surprised?

Anyone surprised that I couldn't stand waiting overnight to finish the sampler pieces? Anyone? I wanted it badly enough to break out the dreaded sewing machine last night so I could stitch the ends. (Wenona, see what happens when you desert me to go on vacation?!? I have to do my own sewing!) The Fox cotton towel is my favorite - it's soft and beautiful, despite a couple of obvious mistakes. Shrinkage wasn't bad; it went from 10 1/4" x 21 1/2" to 9 1/4" x 20". Want to hear a funny story? I took this to lunch today to show a friend I've known for about 20 years. I didn't think she had any interest in fiber arts; I just knew she was a good friend and would admire my pretty weaving. Turns out she did a bit of weaving when she was in high school. And her sister, who just moved back to Ventura, has an unused floor loom sitting in her bedroom. At first, Terri thought I should buy the loom but we came up with an even better plan - entice her sister (who has a degree in fine/fiber arts) to join the Guild and start weaving again. I like it!
Fun Fiber Links

Lots going on fiberwise in Blogland.

  • Tour de France Knitalong is accepting sign-ups until July 7. I'm not a big Tour fan, but I'm hoping this will give me some needed incentive to work on my new knitting projects. I got a lot of spinning done last year when I joined the Tour de Fleece, so maybe it will work again this year. There are several levels (colors) to choose from. Anybody interested in starting a Team Ventura? Oh - and there are prizes!
  • Crochet Along - A blog to share crochet projects you're working on. I love seeing all the projects at the Granny Along, so I'm happy to see this new blog. Even if you don't want to share your projects, there's a lot of inspiration in seeing what others are working on.
  • We Love Annie - Knit and crochet designer Annie Modesitt is going through some hard times. Her husband Gerry is battling Mulitiple Myeloma, a terminal cancer that strikes plasma cells. Make a donation and become eligible for weekly prizes.
  • Granny Along and Ripple Along - these have been up for awhile. I especially love the Granny Along. Who knew you could do so much with granny squares? The projects and color choices are inspiring (and sometimes a little scary.) Happy Hooking!