Quilt Show

The weekend of 'try new things' continues. 
Took a bus trip with the local quilt guild to Road To California, my first ever quilt show. Hundreds of vendors, gorgeous quilts, and 8 hours of 'oh my, look at THAT!' My quilt teacher and show companion was highly amused. 
My little cell phone camera can't begin to do justice to the award winning quilts. They were beyond amazing. Stunning, impossible, intimidating, and just a touch of weird thrown in to keep things in perspective.

It took me three trips through the vendor halls - with breaks in between to rest my poor tired feet - to make sure I'd seen everything and to give them all my $$.
I came home with patterns, scissor fobs, hand-dyed fabric, custom printed fat quarters and this, the highlight of my day - 
They make me smile every time I look at them. Pretty sure this project is going to bump to the front of the line, just as soon as I quit dragon my feet (hee) and figure out how to use them to best effect.


Vickie said...

When Ellen and I first met, we went to Road to CA. Special memories!!! It is intimidating .. Such talent!

Gigi said...

Those dragons are adorable! I'd have to make a project bag so I had an excuse to sit it on the table and look at it.