Controlled Chaos

It only looks like a mess. Honest. This was day one of a two-day weaving workshop taught by an artist in residence at Cal State University Channel Islands. So far, we've learned to make a warp chain and sley the reed. Tomorrow at 9:30 I'll start threading the heddles and, according to Deb, I should be ready to actually start weaving around noon. I really want to be able to weave. I love the texture of woven cloth, I love the possibilities of various fibers, I love the usefulness of the finished fabric. I've tried weaving over the past two years - even took a few lessons - but it's been an exercise in frustration and a major pain in the back, literally. I'm hoping Deb can figure out if the problem lies with me - something I'm doing wrong - or the loom. If it's the loom . . . . . well, I've already had two offers to buy her. Alice better behave herself tomorrow or she is so out of here. And I can start shopping for her replacement.