TV Time

I found a fun project for the little girls on Pinterest and immediately set about making it talking hubby into making it.

When the perfect box arrived from Amazon a day later, hubby cut a "screen", built a shelf and asked the girls to decorate the front of their new TV with buttons and dials.
"Hello, I'm Leia, with today's LPS* News"

Marie takes it from there: "Signs that you are getting old. My parents found a project for Leia and Leanne to have fun with, making a TV out of a box that they can perform out of. Well dad tells them to draw dials and buttons on it. Leia immediately asks what a dial is. I was dying of laughter, poor dad."
Bonus: Leia now knows what a dial is!
Bigger bonus: This is the first thing they head for when they walk in the door. Hooray!

* LPS = Littlest Pet Shop, Leia's most favorite toy ever.