Quilt Run #4

Quilt Run 2016 is done and dusted. I hit the road at 8:15 Friday morning - meeting up with Reyna in Carpinteria at 9 - and returned exactly 12 hours later, having driven 382 miles to 9 shops (up 1 from last year) and spent some significant $$ doing my bit to keep local quilt shops in business. 
The big story this year was the weather - see Reyna's blog for pics. We went from 59 in Camarillo and Carpinteria, to 104 (not kidding!) in Paso Robles and Atascadero, and then 30 minutes later it was 64 in Morro Bay. A 40-degree temperature difference is nuts!  There's a reason I live close to the ocean . . . . 
I started the Run without a plan but by the time we left Orcutt - our 2nd stop and one of my all-time favorite quilt shops - I'd decided to concentrate on fun kid's fabrics (click any picture to enlarge and see details)
along with border fabric 
for Leanne's Frozen quilt*.
I also picked up some space-themed yardage for the newly astro-nutty granddaughter. I couldn't decide if I wanted her quilt to be serious or silly, 
so I bought both kinds of fabric. I'm thinking the solar system panel (above) with Martians and goofy space rockets (below, right) surrounding it??
I got some fabric just because I liked it . . .  (Purple!!) . . . 
or because it was a really good deal - like this 4-yards of castle fabric for $20 
and this 1.5 yard $5 grab-bag I spotted in Morro Bay. I think the top print will work with a little girl quilt.

And the bottom fabric? I'm planning to "gift" that to an unsuspecting friend (or a charity. Probably a charity. . . .)

*I promised Leanne a Frozen quilt when her new baby sister is born. In three weeks. I think I better get cutting . . . 


captainhook said...

I love all the fabrics you chose!! Way fun day.