Baby Shower

The countdown to Jaclyn Rose has begun. 
Her baby shower was Saturday, celebrated poolside in Thousand Oaks. Lovely party, lovely people, but HOT - poor Marie was melting.
Not wanting Leanne to feel left out in the gift-getting department, Pop and I got her a baby doll to open at the party, complete with bib, bottle and carrier. 
Can you tell how much she loves her new friend?
I'd been working on a rainbow wiggle blanket for a shower gift, 
and had it about 3/4's done a week before the party . . . .

when I thought, hmmmmm, Leanne and I should make a quilt** for the baby.
Leanne picked a panel and matching fabric from my stash, then helped me start the cutting and sewing. Two and a half days later we had a quilt! 

 Leanne wrote Jaclyn's name*,
 along with her own,
in the appropriate boxes and everyone at the shower added their names too.
Hopefully it will be a fun, well-used keepsake for the newest princess.

* I turned my back on Leanne for 3 seconds and when I looked back, she had written Jaclyn's name perfectly, backwards.  Second time was better, if harder to see. Definitely leaving both as-is - such a perfect sister memory.

** This is why I buy things when they're in the sale bin - to have on hand when the whim strikes to make.something.  The backing fabric and batting were half-price remnants from Quilt Ventura; the pink was a fat quarter from Cotton & Chocolate.