Learning to Sew

Both grandgirls are fascinated by my sewing machines. 

Leia has made practice stitches on fabric before, so yesterday I asked it she'd like to make a little blanket for her dolls. She said no, but she'd really like to make them a pillow. We can do that!
I found a couple of quilt blocks in a scrap bag, showed her how to pin them together and stitch (in theory) a straight 1/4" seam. Not so straight, and not so 1/4", but she's beyond excited. And like every good artist, she was proud to sign her work.
Today Leia and Leanne took turns sewing - 
swapping places every 7 minutes, with both watching the clock like little hawks. 
Leia worked on decorative stitch patterns that she later cut into a boot (flag??) shape.  I thought it was going to be a blanket/rug for her toys but she says it's a toy for her baby brother.
Leanne made a "sheriff" (aka a bandana) 
and some triangle stitch patterns. Notice the ballet pose above, with her right leg out? I don't think she realized she was doing it. She does love her ballet classes! 
Leia has expressed interest in making a quilt - (Me: Would you like an Elsa/Anna quilt? Leia: No thanks, I'm too old for that now. I want one with flowers.) - so I think that's going to be our summer project. Fabric shopping, here we come!