Date Day

One thing I love about date day is that hubby only takes me to the very nicest places. 
Like looking at antique doors??
The cat mascot looked very comfortable, sound asleep in a box full of lumpy, bumpy glass doorknobs.

Actually, I really do love trips like this. We're both big fans of the TV show Black Dawg Salvage so when hubby spotted the website for Pasadena Architectural Salvage, a road trip was inevitable. And that something would follow us home was also inevitable*. 
And the next time we go? Pretty sure this kitchen door - or something very like it - is coming home too. 

* According to the tag, the solid oak Arts & Crafts-style doors in the top picture, complete with the original beveled glass, come from a house built in May 1951. And they will soon be the doors to our bedroom.