Tie Dye Day

Found a squirt gun tie dye idea on Skip To My Lou and had to try it. (We used Tulip tie dye rather than Kool-Aid.)
Leanne and I went to the dollar store Tuesday and purchased a selection of squirt guns,
along with some spray bottles - just in case. 
Turns out "just in case" was a good idea. 
The girls loved using the squirt guns,
but they ran out of "ammo" quickly and 3 of the 5 guns jammed and were out of commission before we ran out of dye.
We dyed 4 t-shirts - 2 each for the girls to turn into beaded swim suit cover-ups on our next craft day -
2 "super hero" capes*, 
a cotton shirt for me, and two old bedsheets that have a lot of use left in them but were looking a bit dingy. 

As you can tell from Leanne's shirt, we've done tie dye before. So I know - or should have known - to put gloves on before mixing the dye.  
But where's the fun in that??? **

*Super Hero cape = one XXLong men's sleeveless t-shirt cut in half at the shoulder seams and the sides, with ribbons sewn on at the shoulders. The idea is to thread the ties from the neck, out through the sleeves and tie it together on their back rather than around their necks. I think it will work, but Leanne wasn't willing to let me try it today.

** Palmolive dish soap and salt got my hands clean(ish)! Playing in the bathtub a couple of times took the dye off Leanne's foot.