Independence Baby

Marie's bestie from high school had her baby yesterday (that's what all the fireworks were for, right? Celebrating Twila's arrival?) so the project I've been working on for the past week became a bit more urgent. 
I knew where this quilt was going from the minute I saw the mermaid panel on our Row by Row shopping excursion.
The dragonfly backing fabric and batting were in my stash - I had exactly the right amount for this project (to the inch on the batting).
I finished the quilting yesterday just in time for fireworks, 
I couldn't bring myself to quilt through the mer-creatures, so the stitching stops and re-starts around them.

then trimmed it up and attached the binding before tossing it in the washer about midnight. 
I definitely need more practice on the final quilting, but I think this turned out pretty cute. Hope Twila has years of fun with her new mer-friends.

Size pre-wash: 51.25 x 38.25
Size post-wash: 48 x 36.25