Caribbean Sunrise

Back in 2009 or '10, I bought a gorgeous jelly roll in Fall colors while shopping with Ellen. This was before I started quilting, before I even knew what a jelly roll was. I just knew I loved these colors and WANTED it.
Since then, I've been waiting for inspiration to strike, for the jelly to tell me what it wanted to be. Well, it spoke, I listened and we're done!

I finished the borders last night while hubby was at a soccer game, then put the back together today.
Chinese dragons for the outer border because hey, why not??

I may have forgotten that I even needed a back, until hubby reminded me as I proudly showed off the completed top last night. . .
The gold batik was in my stash and the blue batik came from Aunt Marti's destash. The blue is lighter in real life - more like the photo below - and it's perfect.

With its inner turquoise border and bright hues, this one reminds me more of the Caribbean than Fall leaves, so I'm calling it "Caribbean Sunrise." 
It'll be a couple of weeks before I get it back from being long-arm quilted. Then binding, washing and admiring are all that remain to be done.


Vickie said...

Beyond gorgeous!!! The touch of blue really sets the main body off to perfection!

captainhook said...

Ooooo, yummy!