Dressy Lady

Leanne was nice enough to model the two t-shirt dresses I finished for her yesterday.
She picked out the fabric for this Sofia dress
but she hadn't seen this t-shirt or fabric yet.
Leanne's definitely the shoe-craziest of my grand-girls, so the shirt is perfect for her. "A princess must have shoes!"
We also worked on her bathing suit cover-up, adding beads to one of the tie dye shirts she made last week.
I thought she could do the beading herself, with me just tying the knots afterward, but that was a no-go.
Twisting the fabric, pushing the bead on, and then pulling the tail through was just a bit too complicated for her 4-year-old fingers.
I was undecided about adding beads to the sleeves, but after looking at these pics, I think that's a must-do. Guess I know what I'll be working on tonight.