Fabric Bowls, Indigo Version

Finished the second bowl last night and gifted it today. 
The fabric is from my Craftcation indigo class, taught by Kaari from French General. Enjoyed the class and loved the fabric, so I wanted to use it for something special. I was afraid the color might run, so turning it into a bowl rather than a quilt seemed the better idea. 
Both bowls were made according to the original pattern* I learned in class at Quilt Ventura and used the template hubby made for me. The 'firecracker' bowl now lives at Vickie's house.
This one stayed with me. 
It has a couple of silly mistakes and "learning experiences" (like forgetting to stitch the bottom panel on and trim the fabric before doing the satin stitch) but I love it anyway.
Quilt Ventura is planning to offer a new fabric "vase" class, like the ones in this book, and I Can.Not.WAIT! 

Note to me: first bowl darts alternate cut depth of 2" then 3.5". Second bowl cut all 2" darts.


Vickie said...

Yep, Vickie is one lucky lady!!!! I have a July 4th display on my dining room table; the bowl is residing there right now. I put it on an easel so that the inside shows well. When I change over to a Fall display, I'll use the bowl in my craft room for beading supplies. That way I'll see and use it daily!