Yarn Fest 2015

We made it to Loveland just in time for the snow (yesterday) and rain (today).

Thursday's class with Robyn Chachula was wonderful. In three, much too short, hours she covered a variety of unusual stitches that I've been wanting to try.
Solomon's knots? Check.
X and Y stitches? Check. Broomstick? Check.
Bruges lace? Check and double check for the very cool shell variation she showed us.

While I was taking my class and visiting the (very dangerous for my credit card) marketplace - the three booths in this corner alone sold angora, bison and paco-vicuña; soooo hard to resist -
Rachel was taking a beginning spinning class with expert teacher Maggie Casey.

I love having a new spinner in the family.
Today's classes for me were on Tunisian crochet -
including design elements for Tunisian arans,

with popcorns, arrows and cables -
and entrelac in the round,

which Addy decided should be a hat rather than a to-be-felted bowl. Silly girl.
I learned a lot in today's classes but I was disappointed in the instructor's teaching style. She handed us a booklet with instructions, gave a brief overview and then said 'go to it'. She'd answer any questions you had, but there was no "teaching", as in how to do the stitches or work the pattern. I was ok, since I've done Tunisian before, but some in the class were new to the craft and they were totally lost.
On a more positive note, I've spotted some great crochet in the wild -
and gotten ideas for both projects

and future classes. My head is buzzing with ideas and possibilities.
Three classes down, with three more to go. Crossing fingers for good instructors and fun projects.