Crochet Immersion

I'm sad there's only one day - and one class - left of Yarn Fest 2015. I've thoroughly enjoyed hanging out with my fellow yarnies, especially the crochet branch. And I really lucked out on the teachers - they've all been fantastic.

First class of the day was with Robyn Chachula, learning how to combine lace and cables. So many ideas!

The green sweater is from her Blueprint Sweater book and has moved to the top of my must-make list. The cables accent the lace but also keep the sweater from "growing", aka stretching out of shape. Brilliant.

Class #2 was Bruges lace with Mary Beth Temple, another well-known artist, author and teacher. What a great session!
This was the session I was most looking forward too, and neither the topic nor the instructor disappointed.
Bruges crochet is just beginning to be popular and there aren't a lot of published patterns yet. Getting started is easy - double crochets and chains - but the possibilities and variations are endless. I'm planning to pull out my bobbin lace books and do a bit of design research. Being bi-craftal has some great benefits!
Addy and Rachel met me after class for one last trip through the marketplace (Rach and I also hit the quilting Shop Hop at lunchtime. . . .)

We made a quick stop for a table-top magnifier (for tomorrow's beading class) and some embroidery supplies, then home for the evening so I could give Addy her first lesson in embroidery.
Didn't she do great?? Just look at that concentration!
It's looking more and more like Addison got a full dose of the crafting gene. Makes a grandma so happy.