Eggceptional Day

Saturday was eggtastic! We started with an egg hunt at Leanne's mommy's work - 
then headed north for a dyeing eggstravaganza with the Ojai branch.
Mary outdid herself with lunch - handmade chicken and dumplings - and the different dyes, 
stickers, gel paints,
and pens she had ready 

for the girls to eggsplore.
Then we were off to a community egg hunt 
that required waiting . . .  
and patience . . . 
and more waiting . . . 
and a tad more patience . . . . 
then . . . finally . . .  when we were just about to give up . . .
egg stampede!
By then it was almost 5 and Leanne was D.O.N.E. Not even the promise of ice cream could salvage this one.
Still you have to admit; she's an eggceptional cutie, even during meltdown.