Pillowcase Palooza

It took a little longer than expected - doesn't everything?? - but all 12 pillowcases are finished, French seams and all.
Leanne "helped" me cut the fabric almost a month ago and I rashly predicted I'd have them completed in a day or two. Yeah, right.
I've always worked best to a deadline, and since we're leaving Wednesday for Yarn Fest 2015* (and visiting Addy!! Soooo nice of Interweave to schedule the festival in Addy's hometown), it was time to git 'er done.
Last night, I made pillowcase burritos**, then turned and trimmed the edges. Today, I cranked up some tunes, heated up the iron, and production-lined 12 sets of French seams.
The green Celtic pillowcases are for the adults - two for each family (I'm sure the gents will be thrilled, but I hope the ladies like them.) Olaf goes to Addy, the purple trimmed My Little Pony is for Leia, and the other two - pink Pony and Mickey - will live at Leanne's house.
And now it's time to go do laundry so I can pack . . . .

** I used the "Roll It Up" pattern found here - it's super easy. A direct link to the pdf version of the pattern is here

*I'm super excited about my classes - it's hard to find crochet and Tunisian classes in my area. I'm taking:

  • Unexpected Lace Crochet, plus Crochet Cables and Lace with Robyn Chachula; 
  • Beautiful Bruges Crochet Lace with Mary Beth Temple;
  • and 3 Tunisian classes with Darla Fanton - Designing Tunisian Arans; Tunisian Entrelac In the Round; and Tunisian Cuff Bracelet (beaded!)


Vickie said...

12? WOW!

I am soooooo jealous about your classes; have a blast!