Half Day

It was hard getting up this morning - I am soooo not a morning person - but the Tunisian beading class with Darla Fanton was definitely worth it.

We worked with tiny beads (6/0), thread and a smallish crochet hook - thank goodness for the table-top magnifier I bought yesterday. No way I could have done this workshop without it.

Great class, very relaxing with everyone working at their own speed and the beads all pre-strung by Darla.

I'm going to miss Yarn Fest - where else can you find backstrap weavers hanging out in the hotel lobby?? - but I'm really (really, really) looking forward to sleeping in tomorrow.
As soon as I got out of class, we headed for Denver and the Mythical Creatures exhibit at the natural history museum. I think most of Denver had the same idea - the entry line was looooooong . . . until smarty Rachel remembered the self-service kiosks in the lobby. Bye bye, standing in line!

The exhibit was really interesting. Addy was excited to see unicorns but not so much the dragons and krakens.
Tomorrow is a free day and Tuesday we fly home. Addy is advocating for a visit to the Ft Collins children's museum and finishing up her embroidery.

I think we can arrange that.


Vickie said...

Your blog cracked me up..."tiny beads!" 6's are the biggest beads I work with. I normally work with 15's! (Bigger the number the smaller the bead). I love your project and the colors are gorgeous!