One of our favorite things to do is take the baby grands to the local(ish) zoo. A 45 minute drive is still local, right? 
I love seeing the animals. And buying presents. This time it was stuff-your-own animals. Leia chose a black pony she named "Moon". Leanne saw this zebra - named Baby - and fell instantly in love. She wouldn't even consider a different animal.

And what do the little girls love best? The sliding hill in the kid's play area. This time, we remembered our sleds (aka cardboard) and the girls had a blast. Leia is an old pro and tried to help Leanne in between her trips down the hill.

And despite evidence to the contrary (see video), Leanne actually did make it down the hill successfully several times, a giant grin on her face the entire way. But her 'oopsies' are just too funny not to share.