August Surprise

The little girls had such fun playing in the berry farm's sandbox that PopPop decided they should have one of their own. He spent Sunday and Monday locating the perfect sandbox (red, of course), 300 pounds of sand, and a truckload few toys.

This morning, I got set up with the camera while Pop led them, eyes closed, out the back door.
They were happy to have something to climb on, 
but a bit confused as to what all the hoopla was about . . .
until Pop took the lid off and their eyes lit up. Sandbox!!
The girls have spent several hours bickering playing, both before and after their nap, 
with PopPop refereeing sharing issues lounging in the shade beside them. 
And when it's time to say goodnight? 
The lid goes on to keep the neighborhood critters from also "playing" in the sand.