Day of the Museum

Today (Thursday) was gorgeous; sunny and warm with just a few high clouds to keep us company.

Milepost 344, Parks Hwy

We made several sightseeing stops along the way from Healy to Fairbanks, including the train museum in Nenana where we found some must-have treasures to bring home.

The sales clerk recommended a good burger place "just up the road", which in Alaska can mean anything up to about 20 miles.

Fortunately, this one was closer and we sat on their flowery deck, enjoying a leisurely lunch of pretty darn good burgers and lemon meringue pie.

Back on the road, we finally spotted 'cotton grass', which the guide book had mentioned as growing closer to Talkeetna. Looks like cotton fluff, doesn't it? The plant itself can be used for basket-weaving.

And guess who found one more thing she's allergic too? Thank goodness for hay-fever medication.

In Fairbanks, the Museum of the North was on our 'must see' list, and it didn't disappoint.

I especially liked the woven baskets; such thin materials and so intricate - function and beauty.

I had to get a picture of the polar bear for Leia, who is still asking that we bring her a "real" cub from our trip.

Think these claws can convince her that's not such a great idea?

We also discovered the Fountainhead Auto Museum, which hubby loved.

Fortunately for me, they had an exhibit of women's dress styles for the same eras as the cars. Gorgeous displays, with lots of hand- and machine-made lace; I had my nose almost pressed against the display cases trying to see what technique was used. And then there was this -

Pretty, right? Until I read this (click the pic to make it bigger)-

Wearing live beetles pinned to their clothes?? That's just plain creepy. And I bet the beetles didn't like it either.

Dinner was at the Pump House, where we splurged on fresh salmon (for hubby) and reindeer (for me). I almost felt guilty, like I was munching on Rudolph. But for the record? Reindeer is delicious.

Tomorrow, back toward Anchorage . . . I think.



Marie said...

Live beetles for clothing decoration is definitely creepy.