Yarn Spinners

Hubby's been busy again. 
He's been making crochet hooks - both regular and Tunisian - for awhile now and was looking for another little something to add to his repertoire.
Top to bottom: curly maple, cardinalwood, oak.

These have been popular with my buddies and Thursday night cohorts. They like being able to pick their own woods and have something custom made, just for them.
Top to bottom: canarywood, curly maple, oak.

The spinners are made with all hardwoods, and surprisingly - at least to me, since I'm a dark wood fan - the light maple, oak and birch have been the most popular.
Top to bottom: cardinalwood, walnut, and walnut. Mine!

We had a little trouble with the lazy susan mechanism that makes these spin. Turns out, it matters where you buy them. The ones from the big box hardware stores are lousy; slow or no spin at all. But the ones from Rocklar and Woodcraft? Lightning fast! And everyone needs a little lightning in their lives, right?