Still Sorting

As promised, here are a few 'after' pix from the great yarn relocation.
The bins are up, labeled and in a kind of order. I love my matchy-matchy bins! Looks pretty good, doesn't it?
Until you look behind the curtain, as they say in the movies.
But even this is encouraging, if you know where to look. The green arrows are bins of yarn that is outta here - some to be donated to a friend who does charity crochet/knitting (hi, Reyna!); some for the Guild's raffle basket at the annual Harvest Sale (coming Oct. 26! Mark your calendars!); and some for my buddies because it's really, really nice yarn, just not the right yarn for me.

See the brown wall by the window? That desk is getting moved over, under the window, and another rack will go in its place and that rack will hold all my quilting/sewing supplies.
The red wall rack will hold all my weaving stuff, excepting my looms. So excited to have all my crafty crap supplies in one place and not spread out all over the house. Want to take a guess how much more excited hubby is about that prospect??
And anything that doesn't fit on these shelves? It's outta here, baby. 


Vickie said...

Quite an undertaking!! I can't imagine having everything in one room; I'm jealous.