Mr. T, now 9-months old, came to spend a couple of days - and more importantly, a couple of nights - with us so his mom and dad could have a sleeping vacation. 
My Boy Travis is not a real good sleeper and a short napper (only 30-45 minutes at a time), so his mom and dad are perpetually tired. I didn't care why I lucked out, I was just happy to get my hands on Mr. Cutie.

Friday we took the best buddies to the Santa Barbara Zoo. 
It's perfectly sized for little people at 30 acres and about 500 animals. Plenty to see and do; not so big that kids get tired and cranky before they're done.

If you ask her, Leia will tell you her favorite thing to see is "Bodie" - she thinks all elephants are (or should be) named the same as the one she saw at the Denver Zoo. But the exhibit we visited three times? 
Running between the open air tank and the downstairs, underwater viewing windows? 

The penguins. She loves watching them. I think she'd have stayed here all afternoon if we'd let her. 

Travis and PopPop sat and did a bit of male bonding while I trailed Leia up and down the stairs. That PopPop is smarter than he looks - he was all rested at the end of the day while I needed a nap.

Next up was the petting zoo - goats, sheep, pigs, and rabbits. Leia said she wanted to feed the animals . . . but not if it meant she had to get close enough that the animals could touch her. She was making that poor goat crazy; he knew she had food - and he wanted the food - but whenever he got close, Leia pulled her hand - and the food - out of his reach. 
She finally worked up her courage and they were both thrilled.
Leia also got to feed a giraffe. (click the picture to see bigger.) How cool is that??
PopPop said she was a little hesitant - I couldn't see that from where I was taking pictures - but she quickly got over it.
We also saw sleeping lions (the dark spots behind Leia) 
a wide-awake gorilla,
and a energetic anteater that put on quite a show,
running around his exhibit and playing with his blanket, just like a big kid. So cute!
We rode the train, which Leia and Travis both loved, 
and hiked all over the place.
Travis stayed awake the 2+ hours we were at the zoo, fascinated by everything going on around him.
And when we got back to the car? He and Leia both zonked out before we were out of the parking lot. Perfect.    


Anonymous said...

Travis LOVES his Grandma & Popop and adores Leia!!! A tradition has been created, you took me to the zoo for the first time and now Travis for the first time! Thank you for watching him!! We love you guys!! xoxo