Treasure Hunt

Usually when hubby and I go to a flea market, he comes home with lots of treasures and I'm empty handed. Not this time! I found a bunch of very cool stuff at Wednesday's free (free! and free parking too) flea market at the Ventura Fairgrounds.
All my friends have baskets like this but I've just never found the right one.  Love the leather handle - it's super comfortable to carry. Now I just need to keep from over-loading it and breaking out the bottom.

My favorite find was this little thimble. I bought it because it fit my finger (hard to find one that does) and I liked the gold detailing. 
Then I took it out into the light. Wow!
I was calling this 'stained glass' but it's actually plique a jour* (open to the light), a variation of the cloisonne technique. Darn it - now I have something else I need must want to collect. At least they're small!

I used to collect vintage linens but haven't seen any lately that caught my eye.  
But these - $1 to $2 each -
were so pretty, and in such good condition, that I couldn't pass them up. 
A little cleaning, a little ironing and I'll have treasures that will last for years. In theory; cats and grandkids willing.
I also picked up a Beanie Baby Rhino named Spike for Leia,
a tiny, real leather saddle that - after a bit of cleaning and oiling - will become a present for Addison,
and a few trinkets from a vendor's $1 bin. 
I got one other bracelet, but it's already in my jewelry rotation and I forgot to take a picture of it.
Not bad for a couple of hours spent hanging out with friends. 
Next time we go, I'm sure I'll be back to finding nothing I like. But this week I was lucky.

*Plique √† jour (open to the light) -  a variation of the cloisonn√© technique. The cells are created with metal strips or wires, but the metal backing is temporary. After the enamel is applied and fired, the backing is removed or polished away and light can shine through the translucent enamel. It resembles stained glass and can be very fragile, thus making it a somewhat impractical choice for thimbles.   


tanya romero said...

Love the thimble--it's beautiful!

Restless Knitter said...

I LOVE that thimble!

I didn't know they had a free flea market over there. Let me know the next time one comes through.

I didn't come to the workshop (obviously) because I couldn't find yarns that coordinated, or at least ones that I was happy with. Such a poor excuse. I'm looking forward to seeing your vest!